Anonymous asked: "Are you straight edge"

I’m not, not straight edge

Anonymous asked: "u should cover heart tattoo by joyce manor maybe if u want idk"


Anonymous asked: "u can do it!!"

Your loss

Anonymous asked: "trust me on this, u'll find out"

I’m telling you, I’m not even gonna make an effort just message me

Anonymous asked: "maybe u will figure it out so i suggest sending messages to ur favorites (;"

I send messages to my favorites pretty often so you’re either gonna have to tell me or you’re lost

Anonymous asked: "ya"

Well you Idk who you are, you’re not helping

Anonymous asked: "do u send inspiring anons to ur favorites bc that would be cool (-;"

Haha no I send actual asks to my favorites whenever I wanna say something nice, I’m not ashamed of it. Are you asking for an inspiring message

Anonymous asked: "ur a fuckin babe"

Thanks man, so are you I assume

Anonymous asked: "I think what adds to the point of dan not apologizing has to do with his hatred or more so annoyance of everyone now apparently because this week he also tweeted about how he hates ppl referring to him as bae and threatened to make his stuff private or deactivate and if he really was that annoyed by ppl he should've just done it bc now he gets mad at everyone and blames them for "overreacting" on everything."

I wasn’t aware of that, that’s kinda interesting. I’m not a fan of real friends but if you wanna talk about this with me just actually message me so I don’t annoy people with an anonymous conversation lol

Anonymous asked: "what's your opinion on the rf thing"

Delete the tweet, apologize, move on. People using is situation to exploit for notes need to fuck off, it is a sensitive thing to say and I fully get that but the people that got offended can only forgive if they’re willing to own up.

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